Grml 96 alternative SYSLINUX configuration

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These files are alternatives to the (probably broken) SYSLINUX configuration files for the Grml live distribution in its combined 32-bit and 64-bit setup on a USB storage device.

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[DIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] pgf01.txt 03-Jan-2012 14:31 1.5K [TXT] pgf02.txt 23-Dec-2011 02:15 1.7K [TXT] pgf03.txt 03-Jan-2012 14:31 1.6K [TXT] pgf04.txt 03-Jan-2012 14:15 1.7K [TXT] pgf05.txt 03-Jan-2012 14:15 1.6K [TXT] pgf06.txt 23-Dec-2011 02:15 1.7K [TXT] pgf07.txt 23-Dec-2011 02:15 1.7K [TXT] pgf08.txt 23-Dec-2011 02:15 1.7K [TXT] pgf10.txt 23-Dec-2011 02:15 1.7K [   ] pggrml96.cfg 04-Jan-2012 16:39 10K [   ] pghide96.cfg 04-Jan-2012 16:40 4.0K [   ] syslinux.cfg 03-Jan-2012 14:17 279